PSHE lessons

At the bottom of this page is a link to 5 PSHE lessons designed to help children who attend a small Cornish school to understand the Black Lives Matter movement (and associated terms).

Some of the sessions are a work in progress.  They have been created for remote teaching purposes and shared in case of use to anyone else.

They have been created to try and help students begin to answer 5 big questions:

1.What are the aims and values of the Black Lives Matter movement?

2.What does the term ‘white privilege’ mean?

3.What is ‘systemic racism’?

4.What is the role and value of protest within democracy?

5.What can individuals do to contribute to a fairer and equal society?

Many thanks to Evey Gordon who has given permission for her poem to be used in these lessons.

Also includes the poem  ‘Hollow’ by Vanessa Kisuule and transcribed by Jennifer Webb

Some slides have been taken from resources shared by others on the BAME: we teach Google Drive:




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